Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Top 10 Rainy Day Delightful Things

1) Smiling as I walked down 7th Avenue and watching people either smile back or avert their glances.

2) The F train arrival at Bergen Street and the wind it brought which blew the debris on the tracks around.

3) The drip of water from a store awning onto a little boy's face as he sat in a stroller giggling with his mother
while they waited for a bus.

4) Buying gluten free muffin tops for my coworkers and the joy they expressed while eating them.

5) Jason dropping a glass water bottle over and over again while I videotaped him.

6) Horizon Organic Milk.

7) Speaking fake French as I walked down Union Street while pretending to talk on the phone.

8) 8.5 hours of sleep for the first time in months.

9) My brown felt fedora rolled up in my bag.

10) The idea of reading all day in bed with the windows open a bit letting the sounds of rain and distant cars seep into the room.


Blogger Glen Green said...

Fine things indeed. Glad you slept. Good sleep is the best thing I know to wish people.

4:36 PM  

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