Saturday, March 23, 2013

Saturday Top 10

1) "Leviathan" at IFC in Manhattan. Swirly, abstract ethnography from Harvard. At points it was like watching close-up shots of Gerhard Richter making one of his squeegee paintings. Harvesting the fish of the sea in big machines driven by weathered men. Brutal conditions. Fish slaughtered en mass. The captain nodding off in a filthy kitchen while watching a reality show about fishing in the North Sea. Bulging nets squirming with life dumped into steel vats. Birds scavenging fish heads and entrails. The sea roiling behind it all like the back of a dark monster yielding dark nets stuffed with fucked life.

2) "Spring Breakers" at BAM. There's a discourse to be had in there somewhere. Perhaps reading it as a class conflict? Gender issues abound. I'm still unravelling the thick rope of this film. Harmony Korine had an opportunity to do something really radical. He almost did it. Certain repetitive images, phrases, and sounds drove the point home like a baseball bat. It was not a fun film to watch at all. James Franco is brilliant. "This is all my shit!"

3) I swear there is a man outside whistling to the same melody of a Bach sonata playing on my computer right now.

4) Talking about Jacques Lacan and Adam Phillips with Patrick in a sweltering and stinky music venue on Houston Street.

5) Gluten-free peanut butter cookie from Souen Soho. Okay, it tasted like peanuts mixed with sawdust.

6) More fantasies of escape.

7) Running with Jon in Prospect Park yesterday while talking about our experiences of Husker Du.

8) Vanishing for 20 minutes during a nap.

9) Smoothie obsession.

10) Robert Musil, Thomas Bernhard, Franz Kafka, & Samuel Beckett.


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