Saturday, December 17, 2011

Saturday Outfit

Butter yellow oxford with hand carved
mahogany buttons, sewn on with reclaimed
North Carolina cone mill thread, spun in small batches.
Maroon Japanese silk tie (anvils and horseshoes print).
Vintage denim vest with navy issue, no-sheen buttons
of brushed virgin aluminum. Borsalino
2 1/2 brimmed bronze fedora with thin
black band, no tucking feather. Black Zimbabwe
cotton chinos, tapered to ankle over brown rancher's
boot with caper-toned heels, bees wax toe
treatment, oiled with mink and silicon.
Flint gray wool socks from Marblehead Looms,
sugar tops and reinforced toes.
Today's scent: cedar and frankincense
with dry down to amber and vanilla.
See you in the park!


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