Thursday, December 15, 2011

Thursday Outfit

Pomegranate red flannel jacket
with cross hatch eggshell monogram
depicting pine tree and bluebird
on grey silk patchwork chest pockets.
Peach canvas fedora with ruby band and blue tucking feather.
Trousers: burnt umber Harris Tweed with slash pockets.
Pleats sewn in hand-spooled Alabama gold thread.
Faint cobalt blue pinstripes on rear pockets. Welted crease
in this caviar of wools. The belt: quarter-inch thick
cowhide in natural beige, untreated mode. Antique
buckle from Iowa Salvage, infantry gray pewter.
Valmont eight-eyelet dark brown (artfully scuffed) work boots
(leather sole with rubber additions, stacked heels).
Laces made of artisan bamboo stock batch-dyed
in chocolate brown with blood-red lace cuffs
for fringing prevention. Socks: army green wool dipped
in lanolin oil at manufacturing site with wisp
of lavender for longevity. I hope our eyes meet
during your 7th Avenue stroll!


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