Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Wednesday Outfit

Chestnut tinted newsboy cap
with silver stitching accents
worn at rakish angle to one side.
Hydro-patch on shoulder, featuring delicate
cherry blossom scene under tassels.
Blouse in magenta, starched. Some poof
on lower sleeves near mother-of-pearl
and dead stock glass buttons. French cuffs.
One of a kind red line denim collar
with cinch at back (buy one size smaller).
Pantaloons with crisp blue sheen. Stripes
at side, with slanted pockets (liner: opal
canvas, for durability and rub). Blue fade
near crest of heel, so the bubble lifts
over the shoe, giving delicate tumble effect.
Engineer boots in moss green suede with gold
buckle. Made in U.S.A. Heritage gloom.
Scented with post coital sandalwood, extreme.
I'll be looking for you in Union Square!


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love this outfit/poem!

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