Friday, December 16, 2011

Friday Outfit

Cream-colored wool waistcoat with cranberry lapel,
reclaimed whiskey oak cask buttons
and rugged blue canvas rear cinch
with stainless steel clasp and tongue.
1940's era dark indigo chambray work shirt
with collar strap and Fairmont-era wooden buttons
handmade in Paris. Run-off chain stitching at sides,
in caramel and powder blue. Trousers are dark brown
with faint mint pinstripes, tilt pockets (welted at seams
with crimson cotton thread from Senegal). 2-inch cuffs
showing inside scoop tint of chicory and tangerine.
Shoes are handmade and dyed doe skin monk buckles
with organic matte black polish from Medicine Leather,
the London boot shop. Soles are hand crafted solid cork
with raw rubber plugs for durability and beauty.
Up top: Irish wool watchman's cap of rare blue black
hand spun Dublin Spirit Yarn with wisp of raw amber
from Southern India. Sunglasses are handcrafted
from raw tortoise shell plastic with coffee tinted
high-optic lenses and organic blue velvet nose bridge.
Say hello if you see me today!


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