Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Wednesday Top 6

1) Japancakes: The Sleepy Strange (i-tunes)
2) The Faux Press Poetry Series--buy all 6!
3) Intimacies By Adam Phillips and Leo Bersani
4) Apotha's aromatic candle named SOUL
5) Panegyric Volumes 1 & 2 By Guy Debord

Today Show

Skin tight morning
the legs will move
planets into combustion.
Zero panic hour.
Our feelings:
rich and lacquery

When the hand
curls in around itself
that means the brain
has had it with thoughts.
Maybe Eddie Money
will write a song about
your life and sing
it to you from the radio
in your car.
Would you like that?
Maybe it'll be
a soft song
so you'll become a little
more evenhanded.

A huge idea involves
the dissipation of your agitation.
Mariah Carey writes a song
about chilling out
and you realize the song
is about you. In fact all
songs are about you right
now -- even the instrumental
passages from Hotel Regina Opera
reveal intimate details
of your childhood as you eat
the international food
of travel: baguette.

You are humming a song
that is about you
the song is called The Best Song
and there are some trills
and crescendos and the
the synth is magical
and oscillating. This is
the best part of your day
your life is really nice
for a minute or so
& then: Staples, a cloud,
a scent named Isola.

Friday, April 25, 2008

What I like about machines*

What I Like About Machines*

It is harmless to kick ass if you have silky motion
on your side--just don't do it around me. Our blue burst
of metal clothes have arrived via the NOW SHIP.
Allow for at least a half hour to put on the metal clothes.
The heat is coming, that's for sure.

What does air do with blue bonnet on it: get on up!

The winter mints are white-hot tone bunts,
the cabbies bring birds in toilet paper cylinders--
I'll hollow the hollow, I'll shallow the arms
I’ll steam the cankers with sod juice,
and medicine, and swear.

Hornet head mashed in form alone--
Nothing can be captured!
You should understand screams
and what they do to screaming cones
let me help you:

I'm a fever! These days are numbered!
Outside the skin flames! The magic of dirt
is everywhere! I love this area! Up all night
almost tangled in grief systems. Fuck that!

*What I like about machines:
1) Their hair
2) Minutes of calm
3) Conversation

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I am about you

You've got to cough
your way out
from under the jackal (symbol)
under your skin (actual)
(tight drum lip--actual)
all the pudding
on the end of a boot
won't get you back
into the spin of things.
There's too much hate
pent up inside making
the glare coming
off that savings and loan
looks obscene and sickly thin
You need a straining
to make you more considerate
perhaps we could de-bluster
your charm
with a fertile glimpse
of the New Now?
Consider the spoon
as this is a delightful
way to feed yourself
a bit of mercury--
The citizens are contaminated
with all sorts of floral
milk and cedar chips
and it did nothing
for them and it will
do nothing for you.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Hermann Broch

"...waiting night after night on the threshold, blinded by the twilight at the rim of night and by the dusk at the world's edge, knowing as he did the experience of sleep, he had been lifted into immutability, and as he was taking shape there he was hurled back and aloft into the sphere of verse, into the inter-realm of wisdom and poetry, into the dream that is beyond dream and touches on rebirth, the goal of our flight, the song." -Hermann Broch from The Death of Virgil

Friday, April 18, 2008

Walt Whitman

"Keep a kind heart--it only gets worse."

-Walt Whitman

Black Flag -- Rise Above

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Pay Attention

It's getting hard to pay attention to people but that's all I do: pay attention to people.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Congestion Pricing

1) Concrete lawn, dark matter, dwarf stars...honks, blares, car service creeps tap horns just as the medicinal sun arrives over the twin oil tanks.

2) Laughter or tears stir the vacuum of hate.

3) It seems every time I turn around there's another breath of fresh air leaving town. Where money comes in guilt is, by nature, imperative and loosely based on scandal or contempt for other human beings. Riding home on the train you are not aware of your identity -- as what? The opal sky you curtail by missing the genuine pump of it as you race into the arms of one Locust B. God. Because art wins over commerce only in our dreams or should I say "see you in your dreams honey."

4) My foe went to charm school. Charming as a blood clot.

5) The meteor in my throat drives a hard bargain.

6) The way a glove looks alive even when there's no hand in it.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Patti Smith covers Smells Like Teen Spirit. Film by Jem Cohen.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Important Friday Stuff

Negative Capability, according to Keats:

"When a man is capable of being in uncertainties, mysteries , doubts without any irritable reaching after fact and reason."


The two best Lou Reed albums:
1) Street Hassle
2) Coney Island Baby


Dueling lyrics from Lou Reed's Street Hassle:

Last night while eating dinner with my dear old friend and publisher Sander Hicks, I blurted out the following lyrics from Street Hassle because the situation called for it. He followed up, word-for-word with the second passage. Sander and Lou, I love you guys.

"You know, some people got no choice
And they can never find a voice
To talk with that they can even call their own
So the first thing that they see
That allows them the right to be
Why they follow it, you know, its called bad luck"

"I'm not being smart
Or trying to be cold on my part
And I'm not gonna wear my heart on my sleeve
But you know people get all emotional
And sometimes, man, they just dont act rational
They think they're just on TV"


I rode 100-miles on my bike in Prospect Park today.

Friday Top 5

1) Luminous sweet water.
2) The overheard conversation.
3) Trucks are soothing.
4) Let's calm the neighbor lady with silence.
5) The Unknown Quantity by Hermann Broch

Thursday, April 10, 2008


Think of a place
and then go there
it's not your arm
on fire in the place
you thought about
everything is charred
so it's hard to tell
what you're thinking
about in the store
with your head in your hands
a dish towel between
your teeth sinking into
remnants of last night's
chipper zoom and spangles
all the things you are
and not one of them
is totally awesome

Monday, April 07, 2008

Monday Top 5

1) Almond butter and raw honey on Ezekiel Bread.
2) Swimming in an empty lane.
3) Up most of last night reading Hermann Broch.
4) Listening to The Clash at work.
5) Cocoa Bar Coffee.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

News to You

You can't calm the wind
by gripping it
or lulling it with song--
no canticles of ecstasy
for the pantone loop of trees
budding venom
and swirling so--
a meyer lemon tree
in a green pot
on a balcony above
the BQE is no cure
for the stink of sulfur--
what can cure
the sky of planes?
kinking crystal
thick and resinous?
you can't fuck an angel so
call the angels--
ask them
what they'd do--
and what they'll do
when they get here
will be news to you.