Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Today Show

Skin tight morning
the legs will move
planets into combustion.
Zero panic hour.
Our feelings:
rich and lacquery

When the hand
curls in around itself
that means the brain
has had it with thoughts.
Maybe Eddie Money
will write a song about
your life and sing
it to you from the radio
in your car.
Would you like that?
Maybe it'll be
a soft song
so you'll become a little
more evenhanded.

A huge idea involves
the dissipation of your agitation.
Mariah Carey writes a song
about chilling out
and you realize the song
is about you. In fact all
songs are about you right
now -- even the instrumental
passages from Hotel Regina Opera
reveal intimate details
of your childhood as you eat
the international food
of travel: baguette.

You are humming a song
that is about you
the song is called The Best Song
and there are some trills
and crescendos and the
the synth is magical
and oscillating. This is
the best part of your day
your life is really nice
for a minute or so
& then: Staples, a cloud,
a scent named Isola.


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