Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I am about you

You've got to cough
your way out
from under the jackal (symbol)
under your skin (actual)
(tight drum lip--actual)
all the pudding
on the end of a boot
won't get you back
into the spin of things.
There's too much hate
pent up inside making
the glare coming
off that savings and loan
looks obscene and sickly thin
You need a straining
to make you more considerate
perhaps we could de-bluster
your charm
with a fertile glimpse
of the New Now?
Consider the spoon
as this is a delightful
way to feed yourself
a bit of mercury--
The citizens are contaminated
with all sorts of floral
milk and cedar chips
and it did nothing
for them and it will
do nothing for you.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You Sweetpea, you, Todd Colby! Did I tell you how much you rock my world? Kiss your gorgeous wife hello for me (love her art!) and holler!

7:41 AM  

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