Friday, April 25, 2008

What I like about machines*

What I Like About Machines*

It is harmless to kick ass if you have silky motion
on your side--just don't do it around me. Our blue burst
of metal clothes have arrived via the NOW SHIP.
Allow for at least a half hour to put on the metal clothes.
The heat is coming, that's for sure.

What does air do with blue bonnet on it: get on up!

The winter mints are white-hot tone bunts,
the cabbies bring birds in toilet paper cylinders--
I'll hollow the hollow, I'll shallow the arms
I’ll steam the cankers with sod juice,
and medicine, and swear.

Hornet head mashed in form alone--
Nothing can be captured!
You should understand screams
and what they do to screaming cones
let me help you:

I'm a fever! These days are numbered!
Outside the skin flames! The magic of dirt
is everywhere! I love this area! Up all night
almost tangled in grief systems. Fuck that!

*What I like about machines:
1) Their hair
2) Minutes of calm
3) Conversation


Blogger Dream Junky said...

Can you explain a little on this one. I have the vaguest sense of what you're saying but get tripped up on words like "stoner bunts". Oh go ahead, ruin the whole thing, show us how the magic trick really works - just this one?

10:30 AM  
Blogger Todd said...

Okay, here's your answer:

It's from one of my journals marked: 1.12.04-11.16.04. It was actually written on 9.25.04. --which happened to be a Saturday. In the margins of the notebook I wrote that I was listening to the band "Stars of the Lid." Also of note: it was fairly sunny and warm that day. I ran 10 miles in the morning and that afternoon I rode my bike 2 hours in Prospect Park. In between and after I wrote in my journal. During that period I was employed at The Joyce Theater.

I hope that helps.

Todd Colby

1:07 PM  

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