Thursday, October 12, 2006

A True Story: A Momentary Gravity Failure in Brooklyn

A brief gravity failure occurred yesterday in Brooklyn (at around 2PM according to the New York Times). Gravity failures are usually brief (the gravity failure of Rome in 1952, for example, was the most extended on record: over 10 seconds). During momentary failures, most of us will suddenly feel nauseous, while accidents inevitably occur and are usually attributed to human error. Trains may momentarily float above the rails or a mother holding a baby during an afternoon nap will suddenly wake up hovering above the bed. Yesterday, for example, a parked car on Baltic Street was flipped upside down (no one was hurt). Typically--with gravity failures--people will become wary for a few hours and then everything will get back to normal as people again start looking for money or thinking about ways they can get to places to find money. A lot of people will find relief from the tension of gravity failure by simply moving things from place to place in order to make money, even if they're losing money. In general, it's money making activity that makes people feel comfortable again after a momentary failure of gravity, according to the New York Times.


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