Sunday, October 08, 2006

The Poem Itself

The purpose is planted in the metal showers
glistening pink nodules, painstaking and gibbered
by ice and inflated by clout. The birds come
clean in the salt shower--pebbles of dried beef
pelt kleenex shirts, replace money hounds, pretend friends.

Mirror makers know the secret!

They are always smiling in the filth bank
with tickets for blooming agitators. Photo pancakes
clanging garbage crates as putrid dawn bubbles.
Stark newspaper bundles of gunk. Mere habit
rubbing my eyes over that, daily.

The new tomorrow just can't resist!

Like it matters. Like any of us care about
the dude who injected silicone into his face
as a halloween joke. I know more about you
and your tiny heart than you think: about me.
A pretty case on an icky thing.

The walls of gold and platinum, yack!

A saucer of milk for the alien on the table--
you can have my shit because it makes a nice
table setting. Eat the jar of expensive honey.
Get cool calm and collected with the hair machines.
We know all about you now, so chill. XZ out.


Anonymous Princess T. said...

This seems like one of your more visual poems,(as always I complain that there are too many words and no pictures) it got chattier at the end but the chattiness was consistent with the growing emotion-anger, a very male emotion, don't worry, I don't perceive a character of the poem as weak.
Color Pink is mentioned (aha, it must be written by Todd) as I learned to expect. There are two new colors: gold and platinum. (oh, and the metalic, too)
What is it with you and color Pink?
You seem to be quite attached to it. Colors have meaning, so I did some brief web search. Results:
1. Pink is friendly, compassionate, faithful.
2. Pink is soothing. It can be used to soothe conditions of anger and feelings of neglet.
3. Unconditional love. Shields one from negativity. Soft love and caring. Femininity.
I did not research the other colors, first they do not appear in your poems often, second I am tired, I photographed fairies all day, and they are tricky to photograph.
P.S. We all need more pink!

10:58 PM  

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