Thursday, October 05, 2006

Hotel Saint-Gothard

I'm staying at a funky hotel called the Hotel Saint-Gothard here in Nice. I arrived about 15 minutes ago and took a quick photo before checking in. The reading is at a little bookshop called the Maldoror (after the famous novel by Lautreamont, I guess). I met Michelle the owner of the bookshop who picked me up at the Nice airport. It was funny, she knew all my work and even excitedly recited passages from Tremble & Shine in both French and English. Hearing my own poems in French as she drove the car in Nice (of all places) was a real trip. She told me that a lot of the students here love my books and that she expects over a hundred people to arrive for the reading tonight.

While Michelle is absolutely wonderful, she's also a very scary driver (we nearly hit a man carrying a basket of flowers and then almost ran head-on into a stone retaining wall). As she dropped me off at the hotel She offered to pick me up this evening before the reading but I politely declined and will simply use the walk over to Maldoror as a a way to take in the sights.


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