Saturday, April 11, 2015


One doesn't walk so much as stroll
on the embankment as all strolling and civility
should be routine to you by now. Handheld devices or handholding
in general, I know. The redundancies are there
for your protection. Focal point: dread.
In today's discussion I hope to tread water
in the pool provided for your attention. You
should be familiar with my abilities by now
based on your frequency and hesitancy.
There will be other instances of interior
and exterior transformations
that we should get comfortable with in the coming
weeks. I encourage you to try a new hobby,
skate under the archway, neatly spread your
toast with jam, and other activities that are
usually done distractedly. Also, please make
sure that you send documentation of any activities
(whether photographs or personal notes)
describing the details of the above only.
I'll see to it that each person who participates
is challenged to transform their current personality traits
from said excursions. I like a little milk with my coffee,
so you'll be expected to know where to find
classic table milk and what quantity to
procure on the rare occasion that I drop by
unannounced with new cheers for your funk.
I'll let you know how to add them to a decade
by incorporating the establishment
of a thorough technique that is both transparent
and considerable. I would also like each one of you
to learn to identify the birds from unit one
not only by their external plumage
but also by their skeletal remains. Any questions?
Shoot me an email.


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