Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Get Back to Me

The ferry holds us
above the water with our supplies.
We are here for the adventure and the views.
So many things are amazing to me.
There are mysterious things like the weather
and seasons and the brilliant people of my city.
Islands of ice on the way to
an island made of earth. The sun bum rushes
the ferry and makes us all
squint as it passes over us. To run full speed
into somebody and body slam them into a brick wall,
chain link fence, or similar immovable object.
Walls are the strangest things when they're
solid. There are still a lot of noble ideas to explore.
A boat holds people above the water and transports
them from land to land. Someone riding
on that boat insisted on a bobbed haircut.
The sun makes the dress look
blue and black. Get back to me.


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