Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The History of Grapefruit

I'm holding a grapefruit up to my mouth
and blowing onto it at Union Market because I read
somewhere that you can determine the freshness
of the fruit somehow or other by blowing on it.
No one notices me doing this because all the fruit is so shiny
with wax that it makes everyone oblivious to everything
but the spectacle of the fruit.
My lips are making a kissing sound
against the pocked skin of the grapefruit,
which, by the way, was invented, or bred, or whatever
it's called, by a man from Polaris who wanted a better,
longer lasting, more durable and shippable
version of an orange, so he concocted
the grapefruit by genetically combining the
robustness of a pineapple with the tender
juiciness of an orange. Grapefruits have
appeared in many movies, most notably.


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