Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Nine Tuesday Essentials

1. Your mode of production, reconciliation and compensation is based on a long outmoded form.

2. The weight of your body is purposefully kept just above the threshold of being liftable by one person.

3. From the vantage point of the roof it is easy to embrace the illusion of understanding what you see.

4. Perspective isn't everything, it is a distraction most of all.

5. See how long you can avoid what needs to be done with the many distractions at your disposal.

6. There won't be any time for the serious stuff once you measure from here to the end of your life.

7. The devices we use to see each other are a bit glitchy and unkempt.

8. Remember "playing store?" They were preparing you even then for the inevitable.

9. No one can help you understand what needs to be done from here on out.


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