Friday, November 07, 2014

Goof Off

I would like to extract from you something
both bewitching and beguiling. By way of a reductive
pose, I would like to enable you to squirm
a bit when I enter the room with my bangs
and cordage. Perhaps if I placate your desire for
an instant, you'll be as bold as the machines
revving up in the dark. I'll bring you fruit
sprayed with lime juice and perhaps then
you'll see a way out of your synapses snapping
at each other like wild dogs. Let me help
you make a connection in the disco with a shovel
and a bucket of something creamy. I'm legally
purposeful in most instances, let alone during
these unstable weather days when the bloat
from salt takes away your vascularity. Hum
a melody to me as I do things for you.


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