Thursday, December 19, 2013

Slithering One

Had I known it was alive, I would never have poked it with my walking stick. The sound it made was a high pitched shrieking song that rose into the most beautiful melody I'd ever heard. Still, there was the slithering it did while emitting its lovely shriek song. That was not only upsetting to me, it upset the entire 5th grade class of Lilburn Elementary School. In the intervening years since chancing upon this beautiful, slithering creature, I'd hazard to guess, and I do mean guess. From the countless times I've done groceries, to the literally thousands of commercials I've seen for the very products that are in my home! I stood there, nonplussed, arched like a cat would be if it was under duress. Pushing a metal cart through the wide aisles always makes me think. When I get a new job, I'm going to make sure I talk about the benefits to me and what sort of joy it may bring into my life by asking pointblank, "What sort of joy will this job bring me?" I've always wanted to travel, so I did, a bit, here and there. Tuscaloosa was nice, and the Okefenokee Swamp had a peculiar, musky charm. I'm starting to get a grip on things. One thing in particular I'm getting a grip on is time passing; I get that now, totally. I also get that there might be someone else living in my apartment while I'm traveling. I can't say exactly how I know, but I've seen clues; uncovered traces. What I'm most interested in these days is the news, and how many sources there are to peruse almost nonstop. In fact, I'm so busy catching up with what's happening in the world that I almost have no time to eat! It's a musical I'd most like one day to star in, so I'm teaching myself how to sing. Later on, I'll take a stroll and reminisce about the old days before the hazards start multiplying, and leading me astray. "I'll always have you," I said to no one in particular. I need to stop biting my lips.


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