Monday, December 16, 2013

Monday Top 10

1) Waking up to Fats Waller's song "Rosetta" on WKCR.ORG.

2) Soutache Embroidery. I googled it.

3) Black Ice. Warnings in the New York Times.

4) "When I think of finishing the work, when I think of the finished work, a great sadness overtakes me, a sadness paradoxically like joy." from "Homeless Heart" from Quick Question by John Ashbery.

5) The idea of an "audience."

6) Morning: the radiant hiss of pipes.

7) Rimbaud the Son by Pierre Michon. " was all played out in three short acts: his immediate reputation as a very great poet, his keen awareness of the vanity of a reputation, and its devastation."

8) How long until we're there?

9) Walter Benjamin's section on idleness in The Arcades Project (p. 379). Baudelaire to his mother, Saturday, December 4, 1847: "Imagine a perpetual idleness with a profound hatred of that idleness."

10) Napping to Stars of the Lid.


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