Friday, December 13, 2013

The 10 Best Books of Poetry of 2013

1) Hurt in Table Accident (Corinthian Leather Press, 2013) Mike Stevens

2) Caffeinated Oxygen Tent (Sign Up Press, 2013) Daniel Kitchens

3) Great Aunt Pantone Guide (Funzalo Books, 2013) Jane Gross

4) Knitting While Eating Ribs (First Warning Press, 2013) David Clements

5) Indigo Bullshit (Book's Books, 2013) B.J. O'Doherty

6) Forest of Metal Objects (Los Angeles Taco Press, 2013) Pam Pope

7) Chicken Puddle (Conserve Paper Press, 2013) Jennifer West

8) Poets are Mostly Dorks (Blueberry Stain Press, 2013) Celine McDaniel

9) Sprinting on the Moon Would Look Like Slow Motion (Leaky Things Press, 2013) Tammy Timms

10) The Invisible Sign Language of the Streets (Tallboy Books, 2013) David Lantow


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