Monday, October 21, 2013

31 Costumes That Will Make You Go Crazy

1) A child dressed as a thumbtack.
2) An elderly man dressed as a giant Cheeto.
3) A little boy dressed as a cat.
4) A Panther dressed as a little girl.
5) Athens, Greece.
6) Your dead uncle dressed as a priest.
7) Your boss dressed as a pimple.
8) A teenage boy dressed as a German Shepherd.
9) A chef dressed as an ampule of morphine.
10) A professional football player.
11) Anything that accentuates a baby's roundness.
12) A hand in a sock with a mustache.
13) A grandfather dressed as a ladybug.
14) A 21-year old male dressed as Boy George.
15) A wiener dog napping in a foam bun.
16) A grandmother dressed as a complete, fancy gym.
17) A kindergarten full of children dressed as Frankenstein.
18) A baseball player pretending to be a dolphin in olive oil.
19) A marathon runner dressed as Godzilla.
20) A college professor dressed as a lemon.
21) A piece of cake.
22) A little girl dressed as Edgar Allan Poe.
23) A bodybuilder sipping a protein smoothie.
24) A cabbie dressed as Emily Dickinson.
25) Allen Ginsberg.
26) A piece of toast with caviar.
27) A boy inside a giant graham cracker box.
28) A cat attacking a paper shopping bag.
29) A bulldog with a big pink bow for a collar.
30) Cat Power.
31) A peppermint stick in the mouth of a poet.


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