Monday, October 07, 2013


I will rustle birds from the sky above you,
and train them to make formations
that will form letters that will tell how to do
fabulous things all day long.
I will show you how to be tasteful
on the internet with some key phrases
that will make you look approachable and friendly.
I will sing you songs of wild melodic praise. Oh, so big a
praise. I will look very professional singing my songs of praise.
I've made it. Here I am with this idea
about carrying myself professionally,
in a manner that says “pro,” just for you.
I will wrestle you free from your body during a holiday,
or what people mean when they say the word “holiday.”
Perhaps a day like this is broad and clear and steady
because I pushed it along. Perhaps I should feel free to look at it
reflected in a spoon curled just so with pink bisque
at its edges. I shall put things in motion immediately.


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