Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Next Big Thing

We did our best to relax
on all cylinders so you wouldn’t have to be fearful
or make grave mistakes in our absence.
We’ll give you some hand practice.
Can you calm people down naturally?
What you need to do is encourage the
passengers around you to grow and develop. Go ahead,
tell them you are keen on growth and development.
Question: if you had the whole day to live on high doses
of relaxing things, what would you do to charm them
into thinking they were elegant and stable?
The light around you is rich with uranium protein.
Try again, this time with more conviction.
What did you do this summer in 100 words or less?
How was your money spent? Are you classy yet?
Did you finish your Hegel? Fuck to Brahms?
I know this: you are alive and bucking on the train.
You can't have upheaval without
profanity, and you’re right.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

captain Glee!!!

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