Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Simple Times

I'll always be pulling for them despite the circumstances
of their evolution. I've come to know them as swift
and precise, not empty or lame in the least. I masticated
delight in an effort to feed them with my wit. They washed
their mouths out with my loving sentences.
And then this word, I can't say it.
We get older without noticing another year has come and gone.
I am all they need. And all they say I am. And more too, they'll see.
I'll love them by never letting them know. That’s just the way I roll.
The night is full of fair creatures, and the sky, oh so perfectly
huge. I will climb the stairs with something gooey in my arms.
But I'd rather be carried like a canvas sack full of mint jelly.
Today I got windswept while speeding
through Manhattan on a machine.
My bones softened the cars. What I'd like to know is
when this fever will break. I'll go to work and they will not know
what has become of me in my sleep.


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