Monday, September 09, 2013

Natural Resources

You'd think the sky would run out of water, right?
Are you comfortable in mud country? Tell me so.
The wonder that I feel is more like a party.
Others might suggest some weighted medicinal opiates
such as iced tea. Do you opiate?
Scarce natural resources of someone
thinking of you and turning the channel?
Are you already hidden on the 6 train too far
behind a newspaper? I'm sure I prefer to talk to you.
"Slow," you say. But I can already see my breath in September.
Walk to everything in the rain and you’ll become the rain.
Now for a film about my piano.
I play the piano and people are all like
"It's amazing, we really love her piano!"
But I digress. You pour the hot cream on my back?
Were you standing when you called to say
how great I was in my best moments?
Almost, or at least a lot like someone in
management delegating things and being right
and clever about a lot of things having to do
with business. I promise that I will do
you. I will write your name in chalk on the menu
council and the people will come into the store
all miraculous and pregnant. Your face in a wet spot
on a box "is for us to leave."
I do not want it to stop.


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