Friday, August 30, 2013

A Year

I am clear and measured
as a key dropped in a bowl of whipped cream.
My platform of song and dance
supplies energy and joy to friends.
Looking for ink and relief that the letters form
by passing on the airy side. I climb the stairs
each day with a little bad mood, if it is not erotic
mourning. I defend nothing and embrace all.
I walk in the sand that
I'll never fall. My tongue is round
and delicate as a red bird hopping on a stick
in the mouth of a bull.
I was so glad that I just
rolled on the other side. I did not need to prove
to a person anything for now. My teeth were priced
as "a lot." I won't be falling on my face anytime soon.
Now, I will give one week's wages to people
to remove the nerves and block the negatives from their homes.
It takes a strong wind, the air of clear
days, so I embrace you all, because these words can alter
significantly. Thank you all, it was a very good year.


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