Saturday, August 24, 2013

Farm Pond

The bacteria count in Farm Pond is too high
to swim in. The geese must have shat in it
one too many times. Their barking songs echo
off the water and sound, at times, like children barking,
and at other times like actual geese, barking.
Being sleepy but unable to sleep. The moment
I think I shouldn't clear my throat too much,
I clear my throat too much. Mosquitos the size
of my thumbnail. A wooden table in the kitchen.
The fridge sounds like an ice machine in
a hotel. Blue and green framed by the porch.
Kale poking out of a brown paper bag. Olive
oil, oranges, a little white bowl of salt,
a squeeze bottle of agave, Super Orange Emergen-C
packets, Bread Alone Granola, Quaaludes, downers,
uppers & poppers.


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