Thursday, August 22, 2013

Movie Review

In the movie, the nurse
kept kissing the hands and cheeks
of his patient in a way that indicated something
like an indicator on an elevator
indicates what floor the elevator is on.
And then, when he smoked a cigarette,
he held it too close to the tip
of the filter and that made me think
he was just pretending to be
smoking. Later in the movie,
during a meal, the nurse took
absurdly small bites from his sandwich
while he talked on the phone to his patient.
I thought, yeah, he was doing that
so he could talk on the phone and eat
without his patient knowing. So there was
that. But then I started thinking perhaps
he was taking such small bites because he had
to do a lot of takes of the scene and if
he ate big bites he'd go through a lot
of sandwiches pretty quickly.


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