Sunday, September 15, 2013


Scoping the edge of autumn for a bit
of ridiculous sunny pleasure. The leaves,
though still green, are getting rumpled
and funked. People have more energy, it seems,
with new wardrobes sprung from boxes under
their beds. Scarves, light jackets, and wool hats
leave a trail of odoriferous mothballs.
Today I can smell the cool Atlantic Ocean in Brooklyn,
while the sun lights the streets in the same
ecstatic manner as summer, but now it is kinked with new
and improved dramatic angles. In other news:
Apples are ripening in orchards; crisp and bulbous
as all get out. In September, sleep is deeper,
delivered by a corps of relaxing cool breezes. Everything
is maxing out, as it tilts into right about now.


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