Saturday, June 15, 2013

Very Very Bird

People should relax in the heat
they should go steady to release the heat
or let the rain gush over them
and lightning in them and grief
to provide a sense of relief. Light
must fill a space like meat under
skin, with bones supporting
the structure that allows us to move
or dance in such a way that implies
grace or value. There should be sunlight
too that pierces the skin just enough
to cause friction, thereby heating
the surface and the contents of our bodies:
liquid silk, sodium, and some pasta.
Get to know the difference between
warm and cold, dark and light.
If the day should go well then people
should think of birds as a source of amusement.
There are so many things people could
be doing right now. Eating birds is okay
too, for nourishment and feasts.


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