Monday, October 15, 2012

Picture This

A serious blue bolt from the sky
when I open the door the hue of light
indicating a possible aneurism
turns to me, comes head on into my blouse
and gropes me as I try to walk nonchalantly.
On Henry Street the sidewalk is covered
in a layer of Tempur-Pedic foam
making it feel good to walk around in my body.
Kids throw beach balls at people like me.
People were more serious about television in 1999.
Then something clicked, and oh, a decade or more goes by,
still no television show, just some old
caramels I forgot about next to the soup,
and a silver vegetable steamer
thing I bought in Worchester, MA (still in the box)
the day after Thanksgiving 2009.
It's all coming together like two trucks
playing chicken on the B.Q.E.


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