Sunday, October 14, 2012

Gone Friends

Clutch at stars while falling
through air then you should soothe
the chandelier during one of my handshakes
head a few feet from the bottom
down with a crisp lunge into oblivion
all the falls calm these alerts
at the speed of light things get easy
I'm pleased to meet the small of your back
with whiskey tan mobility from a branch
of colonial frumps reenacting all we
did for years so we can watch it
again and splurge on memory
if your spoon comes plump
it should be curled around my body
people are playing us in the reenactments
what you can't have you call back
desire is masked as contemplation
the city below is just too much
to handle the grip worn from
grabbing people alert me
that time is ordinary freedom
is pertinent to the echoes I'll be watching
fantastic leaps forever gone friends.


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