Saturday, October 20, 2012

People of the Future

What is satisfying is that there is a sun at all.
So mysterious and loaded with light. Nothing is
brighter than the sun, perhaps ever, and especially
right now. That I lived in an apartment building,
have been scolded by the downstairs neighbor for
making noise that was ridiculous, I was incredulous.
I can hear the Brooklyn Queens Expressway from my
office window, it sounds like the ocean. Sometimes
I get a lonesome feeling when I see a pigeon flitting
around on the roof across the courtyard, or when I see
another person in a window across the way sitting
and doing something. What am I thinking of? The smell
of autumn, the breakfast I never had, coffee in my
stomach, the gnawing feeling of wanting to do something
or make a big change but not knowing what that is.
The sky looks perfectly adorable. This room is quiet
and cool. There are books all over my desk and several
pens, a legal pad, an old journal: "11.9.99-1.20.00"
is written with silver ink on the black spine, I date
all my journals this way, it makes it easier to look
for dates I did things when I'm in the future. I'm writing
this for someone in the future. Is it you?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

So good!

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