Tuesday, November 08, 2011


Picture a mint green bathtub with a bloody washcloth
plopped down next to a rusty drain. Sold! I'm a live wire
under the covers. My methods of relaxation,
while disposable, are largely sources of ambient funk.
It is the sureness of chemistry that insures
the production of sleep without work.
Not that the means of production don't draw
you in, its just that I can't tell if you're here or not.
You might be waiting for me with a new thought pattern
which should set us up for the time being.
Listen to the city out there all pouty and gray.
Please turn your head this way and look at
the yellow chiffon scramble with misty orange pulp
and leaden hamstrings. You've got a lot to live
and New York has got a lot to give.


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