Saturday, November 05, 2011

Telepathic Morning

The weather isn't cold enough
so I feel uncomfortable in my special clothes.
This morning I read that planet Earth is all
about combustion and that most of us are
remedial readers and that if a well-read ghost
wanted to come around and get tricky
he would have a heyday. I'm just saying.
All these stark zero-hour predictions are
freeing me from panic, which is pleasant, for a change.
I live next to the highway, so I hear a hum
all the time. Just let me know if you'd like to send me
a telepathic message. I have special cells
that allow me to receive your thoughts.
Just let me know when you're really going to do it
so I can pay attention. I'd like to understand
what you're sending me more than anything else.
A baby blue journal with the word ROMA
embossed in gold on the back.


Blogger joanna said...

I KNOW you have special cells. Hello? I am TELEPATHIC. Get ready-- incoming message. (Also: Nice poem.)

10:07 AM  

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