Thursday, November 03, 2011

Catastrophic Successes


Because the bright blue light from the gas flame
in the dark kitchen came to the lashes
making everyone look alien and hairless.

Mint Green Pants

Lining the walls with protein
for the foil wrap protection
setting fire to flames with a sulphur leather cuff.

Provoking Animals with Political Buttons

Kick out the pajamas with a full on tang hatchet
and the glorious sweet birds chirping over a concrete
saw. The jet-setters are all on scooters in this, the modern age.

Hibernation System

The earth is a great animal guilty of movement
because Cat Power is a good cop, making measured
having not shaved in a week. Free bird this.

Vanishing Point

If your friend calls from Hollywood
hung with a strut of imagination and thunder
purple flowers deck the halls of medicine, raunchily.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

all-time favorite.

12:32 AM  

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