Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Ghost Spots in Photographs

I see what you mean
about something over my shoulder.
The nearest exit may be behind you.
A guest of some sort is pale by comparison.
Saying a gladiola has a nice design
is like saying a child has a nice design.
The person singing beautifully in the courtyard
has a certain summery way with vowels.
There are people out there who became millionaires
by writing words on a screen. I mean, really.
My efforts here will not be diminished by that.
And so, I shall now wrestle myself free from my body
and mosey on down to the store for a can of coffee.
Oh, the soft wounds of these bland states.
I would love to watch a movie with you
if you weren't so beautiful. I hereby kiss winter
goodbye in a towel, wrap it around a log,
set it on fire, and totally dance around the flames.
Like that would ever happen.


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