Thursday, April 28, 2011


It is this expansive feeling
something might be soaring
blown into brilliance
startled by the ebullience
of morning. Oh Brooklyn, you are submerged
in tangerine water. It's really something
to make a face wake up.
The function of aluminum boats
is to enforce capital
within a framework of labor
getting us from here to there
by adhering to sullen achievement
while stumbling on our
way to work--bones into dust
for what? The theory of the lemon
on a stick to the tune of now you owe us?
That's not what we signed up
for in the heat of the moment
the Botanic Garden is surely greener
than the representation
promised on a membership card.
Merit is always rewarded
with a shivering whisper and then
people draw conclusions and leave.
I'm lonesome for nothing
but that lonesome feeling before
the word left the hole
where you were.


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