Wednesday, January 26, 2011


How could I forget the weight of you
the warp and weft of all we hid
somewhere in that house
that burned right down to the ground?
How could I forget all we can't give back
all we took with the promise of returning it
stapled in a bag and set gently on the steps?
Just give me the sweet medicine of sleep
and the hand you held over my mouth
around my neck just embrace me
like the darkness of this night
when I click off the lamp all I have
to do is lay back and grin
it really happened
all of it
and I'm right here after all.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

you were so very dazzling tonight! you know you're a star when they call in the "colby" to warm the room back up again! congratulations on a great reading, and an equally great neckerchief!

11:45 PM  

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