Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Poem to Be Taped to the Back of a Stranger on the Subway

I am getting better at life than you think you know
I am now at Expert Life Level meaning I
can move through the city and not get too distracted
my focus is intense yet inviting you to come into my life
and make me laugh about something I won't regret
a new grief that I can dispose of this grief
and whatever laughter does well it is basically
a simple gas coming out of my lungs and that feels good
to just give that up to the air around me
so whatever gets it out is okay with me it's
not ridiculous to watch a kid do dumb things
and laugh or to put things on my back on the subway
when I get home and find this you'll know what
a kick I'll get out of your tricks because
we're all dying so what the fuck you're trying too
and so here we go: another day to get it right.


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