Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Top 13 Monday

1) I'm getting good at not filling the empty space.

2) Press my face into your throat until I feel your pulse on my lips.

3) Blue Vaseline.

4) Remembering: "voluptuous sadness."

5) Ovid, Homer, Lacan, Rimbaud.

6) Fine & Raw.

7) You've got to think: zenith or crest?

8) Going over the deepest part alone (you don't need that shit).

9) Whenever people are not green i.e. yellow or gray - it means they're not there.

10) Finding someone to play catch with the indestructible part of yourself.

11) I am comfortable in your skin.

12) Books all over the place.

13) You know what?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

#2, please.

8:36 AM  

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