Thursday, September 02, 2010

Sunburned Lungs

Opening my lungs and thrilling out
to the new possibilities of a boat on the water
a sail unfurled on a river the language
of vegetables I hear it like a radio
buried in a compost heap
the delicate thread around my neck
is snagged in your incisor
I can come for you all golden and broad
linking wings with birds stung with sap
I get chills from the damp ground I freak
your friends out with my intensity
I glow in the dark I'm so proud of my outfit
it's not me hugging the lead sinkers
I float so as to say "Love, Todd" like I can say that
and mean it and get away with the murder
of my doubt with love anyone can
it's in the cards a hurricane is moving
up the spine of the coast we call you inside
and you are all like "what now?"
and I am all like "better than never!"


Anonymous Anonymous said...


10:12 AM  
Blogger joanna said...

lead sinkers!

i like the hurricane moving up the spine of the coast.

10:20 AM  
Blogger Nicole said...

I spent a lot of time perusing the GleeFarm over the last day or two and have been enjoying it. I love this one, the last two lines are great! It was nice meeting you the other day. Thanks for finding my blog, too!

9:02 AM  

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