Wednesday, June 02, 2010

My Pony (for Jane)

A contraction would bring a pony
into view into the room into my actual
apartment with the hooves and horse shit
and all of that. The oats. The bucket of oats
strapped to the pony's mouth in my apartment
that incessant chomping (ponies eat a lot).
I would train it and take care of it and take
it out for walks. I would never
become disinterested or consumed with
any sort of resentment or anything like that
at all. Sensors all over her body.
There might be debris from the pony
or realistic noises the pony would make (strong
things to consider). To think of cute
pictures of the pony that I could take
with me with the pony like resting my head
on it or pretending the long main hair was
my hair and taking a picture of that with
my face against the neck of the pony
and sending that photo to my friends.
Blond pony! Ponies have big eyes
so I would have to work on not letting that
freak me out when I was like just sitting
around looking at my pony, you know?
All the people I know would
see me having that pony and would know
how serious I am about having that and doing
that but that would not be the only thing I could
talk about because I could also have conversations
about other stuff too, like Francis Picabia.


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