Monday, May 31, 2010

The Things I Would Do to Help You

If you were never coming home again
I would hire someone to help find you
a sweet song form to sing while you
were out there not coming home again.
I would look for clues in the trees
watch how their branches moved
and examine the animals climbing up
or down the tree for signs of despair.
I would soothe the uninvited guests
walking in the courtyard with stories
of my adventures in Paris and stuff like that.
I would send you an email outlining my new
positive approach to life which involves
coffee and photos of puppies and jelly.
I would tell you to stay away from Ikea
if you're feeling the least bit shaky
about your own reality. But mostly
I would help you with the idea of
simply being lazy and letting it all hang out
for a few hours every day that you're here
with me facing the music. Good luck!
I'll be thinking of you.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love and your heart will thank you

11:40 AM  

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