Thursday, May 27, 2010


Tonight I will shake your hand into butter
curve around you until you're maple
climb the soft pieces of you with spikes
insert a vibrating dial and conjure you
in living goop. I will slip my hand
under your belt and lose a wisdom tooth
make a necklace of it and hang it around
your neck. My gift of light will soothe
your sore throat and all the institutes of longing
will permeate the landscape with medicinal
cloud formations that disperse calming
solutions of tingle water and kink spray.
I will secrete a secret mud that enhances
your ability to thrust your hips into mine
on a bed that is so wet we could swim in it.
You are smooth and redolent as ivory rubbed with amber
in a bank vault locked away until the next batch
of lovers make a messy situation gleam again.


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