Friday, May 14, 2010

Poem for Today

I would like to build you something
as bold and unnecessary as a bridge
in something dark and current reflecting not
cotton but sugar. I would like to lean
into you and stuff you full of fabulous
fish from deep water all resinous and detached
like a new career as a woodwind player
just seems absurd at this stage of my life.
I would like to prepare a bed with great care
only the times we live in but the position
and the cotton. The sheets would be crisp and pale
blue and the scent of amber would waft about
on my hand when it curls around yours
the innards of each pillow. I would like to
but in a good way. I would like to dress up
charm your pants off leap into the air
and hang there above you like a rose
and you would find that funny laughing so hard
made of flesh lilting at the thought of landing
on you. I would like to make these tiny forts
from napkins on the table and put my hand inside
one of them like my hand could wear a hat.
Time sort of won't stop and things seem fucked
that the day literally shakes and makes me nervous
that I can breathe hard for hours at a time
that my life is not a mess.


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