Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Way to Go!

Turning on the radio at dawn and hearing
some woman talking about someone getting back
from a trip to Japan or something. It could be
my birthday but I have another month and 8 days
to go before that happens. There, the raw honey
is seeping from the jar around the edge
but I won't lick it, even when I live alone.
And then what else? A cheap ass Verizon
phone I had to buy for a hundred bucks
because my old one went on the fritz,
as they say. I'm having a difficult time staying
on budget with all of these unexpected
expenses of late. I'm really into a certain type
of perfectly ripened banana in the morning.
In Paris I might be eating something more
international for breakfast. Sitting at my desk
I feel all I'm a writer and I'm writing.
Right now there might be two or three of my friends
that are also awake doing something constructive
like organizing things are thinking things through.
Not taking a proper vacation for 16 years
is just so not good. I look at my shampoo in
the shower and wonder what sort of man lives
here and then I remember I live here and that's
my stuff in the closet too. I can talk about vitamins
if you'd like sometime. I have all of these colored pens
that I need to make a few drawings with and post here.
It's a good sign that the sky is changing colors
at the edge of the horizon, it means there is
going to be a another day to get things done.


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