Friday, October 16, 2009

Take My Advice, I am in Repose

Take my advice, I am in repose,
I most definitely could take action
a long shower springing to attention.
Then a silver plate, but big, like a table.
We would never eat on that.
When you walk away it is okay
to look back at me and let me catch you
doing that I'll have the camera ready
and I'll post it. Help me
coordinate the air so that it is
no different from the temperature
of my skin. This piercing tingle feels too early
for winter. I'm about ready to get down
with my friend. Amber is the smell of sadness.
Looped, defiant, and husky-hearted,
let me have a sip of your light more vital
than vitamins and coffee, fuller of protein
than water. There is no fantastic grief in rain.
It's okay to look down on someone's ideas about jeans.
Don't you have any specific questions for me?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i like "husky-hearted." i imagine a heart wrapped in husk, ready for autumn harvest. it's a lovely poem, todd, just like you!

10:35 AM  

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