Wednesday, October 14, 2009

This Dance

What morning does is considerable
given the lack of light silence seems
not silent but humming into my room
curling around my head like a cotton snake.
I'm all for love though love makes
for stuff I can't predict where I'll be
holding hands with racking sobs
lifting the palms up as though one
could lift the sky that way, just a bit.
If I could hide out with you I would
bring mint gum, tissues, a jar of lingonberry jam,
and my book of Danish phrases.
People are late all the time. I will be discrete
and courteous, I will slip into the subway
with clippers and a rake. There will
be a day that we will dream of furnishing
a space in the city that is currently occupied
by other people. I'll help you find me
there in the garden, under a tree.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

you are in no way abominable. you are cardinal red on the wall and buttercream yellow on the bed. you are the love sandwich master and my favorite swedish imposter.

10:19 AM  

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